Products and Services

amnimo provides IoT servicesto meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

We recommend using it not only as a standalone hardware, but also in combination with our software and cloud applications as a "Video solution," "IoT solution," or "AI solution"

amnimo will create synergies with each other in three areas  and provides solutions.

Video solution
  • Targets images captured by surveilance cameras, which are rapidly spreading.
  • Realize highly competitive solutions that overcome the problems of the current system.
IoT solution
  • Realize smooth operation of industrial equipment with utilizing the know-how cultivated in an industral domain.
  • Realize solutions that increase the value of data generated by industrial equipment.
AI solution
  • Provide devices and cloud solutins suitable for edge AI.
  • Build an ecosystem with partners to address customer applications.

Products and Services

IoT devices


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