Robust and highly
functional industrial LTE gateway

Edge Gateway

Edge Gateway
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Edge Gateway
amnimo G series AG 10 (for Indoor)

amnimo Video Gateway Indoor (AG10-010JP-1)

Stable operation under harsh environments. In case of a failure, it can be handled remotely. Up to 4 SIMs can be used.
Edge Gateway from amnimo has arrived to meet your needs.

  • Dual
  • OS
  • A wide
    range of
  • Support for
    with SSD
  • Support for
    up to four
  • Connections
    to the cloud
  • Power

Product Information

A Gateway Optimized for Edge Computing

An outdoor model is also available.
AC power supply supported
Thunder/heat/condensation measures implemented
  • Arm dual-core CPU (1GHz), large-capacity RAM (2GB) and eMMC (32GB) installed
  • Adopted Ubuntu Linux OS, enabling easy development of custom applications.
  • Includes 5 Ethernet ports, 4 of which support PoE.
  • Equipped with USB2.0, RS232 and digital I/O (4 input, 2 output) interfaces.
  • Equipped with up to 2TB SSD, enabling to store large capacity of video data for long period of time.

High reliability with original method

  • Instantaneous power failure countermeasures by power backup function
  • Quick switching of multiple SIM cards overcomes disturbance in telecommunication.
  • Improves reliability with original module control method
  • Automatic initial setup and remote maintenance via cloud.
  • We design and develop hardware and software in-house so that we can respond to problems promptly.

Sample system configurations

Easy to use Device Management System

By linking with the Device Management System* that operates on the cloud, the following functions will be enabled. *Under development

  • Automatic initial setup of Edge Gateway (This feature will be available in April 2021.)
  • Monitoring of Edge Gateway and connected devices (The function of monitoring of connected devices will be available from April 2021.)
  • Remote firmware and setting updates
  • Syslog collection during operation
  • Management of installation location
  • Continuation of settings when replacing failed systems
Edge Gateway is easy to use for Video Solutions.
  • Power supply for up to 4 IP cameras through PoE
  • Alive monitoring of cameras enables dead devices to be restored using PoE.
  • Videos can be recorded to SSD.
  • VMS software can run on Ubuntu.
  • The cloud-based video solution is available provided by amnimo (coming soon).
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