Robust and highly
functional industrial LTE gateway

Edge Gateway

Outline of Video Management System(VMS)

VMS is software for controlling the display, recording, playback and search of images taken with cameras and for utilizing the images.

  • Edge Gateway has preinstalled Nx Witness manufactured by Network Optix as VMS.
  • By applying for this service to amnimo Inc., the full functionality of Nx Witness preinstalled on Edge Gateway will become available.

Features of Nx Witness

  • Innovative user interfaces that can be intuitively operated
  • Images taken with the maximum of 4 cameras connected to Edge Gateway can be displayed on a freely split/arranged/sized/multi-display screen.
  • Extremely useful smart search function: After recording images taken on the date and time when there was a movement in a specific part on the screen, a user can specify and search the part.
  • The usage fee for this software is charged according to the number of cameras used. For details, please contact us from here.
  • The future development of Extensive VMS (tentative name) is under planning and consideration.
Features of Nx Witness


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