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Packaged Industrial IoT platform service

amnimo sense beta

This service provides measurement, connection and application features needed to put IoT to work, in a simple package.

Available from as little as one month, this basic amnimo service includes all of the features necessary from IoT implementation to operation, including acquisition of data from sensors, communication, operation, monitoring and security. With a few simple connections, you can start using IoT immediately with no specialized knowledge.

Basic features of amnimo sense (current configuration)

amnimo has developed a suite of endpoint devices whose sensors acquire data as analog input and transmit them to a newly developed gateway using LoRa* communications. These endpoint devices feature low power consumption, enabling them to continue collecting data for long periods of time.

* LoRa is a communication network designed for IoT using a low-power, wide-area wireless communication protocol.


Endpoint device
(combination of communication unit and input interface)




This relay device connects the endpoint devices to the amnimo cloud system.



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