Simple Wireless Water Level Measurement Service

Support for construction on weather-sensitive sites such as rivers and sewerage

Water levels can be confirmed remotely via PC or smartphone.

Problems at Construction Sites

Do you suffer from problems such as these?


The amnimo Solution

amnimo solves your water-level measurement problems at reasonable cost and according to the needs of your worksite.

  • Remote monitoring

    Remote monitoring means that you only have to respond quickly when it’s really necessary.

  • Initial cost: ¥0

    All costs for water level gauges and wiring are included, so you can start operation with zero initial outlay.

  • Flexible usage period

    amnimo offers a subscription-based service, so you can use it only when you need it.

  • No electrical work required

    Our water level gauges requires no electrical work, so it can be installed easily.

Service Details

  • No electrical work needed

    The service runs on batteries, so no electrical work is needed.

  • Easy to start using

    Once the solution is installed, simply press the power switch to view data immediately.

  • Uses the mobile-telephone network

    The service uses the mobile-telephone network to enable wireless measurement over a wide area

  • Integration with the cloud environment

    Simple settings enable integration with the cloud network, so you can view data from anywhere on your handheld devices.

  • Simple maintenance

    The service is calibration-free and runs for a year on a built-in battery, so maintenance is easy.

  • High-precision measurement (±10mm)

    An exclusive silicon vibration sensor enables long-term, stable, high-precision measurement.

How the Simple Wireless Water Level Measurement Service Works

After you submit your request, follow the steps below to use the service.

  • 1

    Start measurement.

    Once the system is installed, simply press the power switch to begin viewing measurement data.

  • 2

    Receive alerts.

    When the water level exceeds the threshold, an alert will be sent to related persons by e-mail.

  • 3

    Monitor remotely.

    Confirm the water level at the site from your remote location.

Improve the efficiency of on-site work that is affected by the weather.

  • Reduced personnel costs
  • Rapid response
  • Operator safety


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