In this section, you can see the purchase process.

You can get knowledge about amnimo products and make product purchases on the Solutions page.



Purchase Process


1)   Sign in to amnimo. ( If you don't have an account yet, please register with referring to the [ Account Creation Process ] page ).

2)   Click on [ Solutions ] from the [ Shop ] menu.

3)   Select the service you want to purchase, and click [ Subscribe amnimo sense] on the lower right of the screen.

4)   Select order details.

a)    Select the country.

b)   Select the end-point Device’s signal format and module, and select the number of your transmitters.

c)    You can purchase optional items here. *Please tell me how to attach the Fastening Magnet Set.
Magnet set helps you setting the endpoint device easily. ( You can also use the accompanying double-faced tape. )

d)   Select the gateway’s signal format and module.

e)    Select the communication plan. ( It can only be selected for Vodafone at present. )
It is possible to select from 100 MB to 1024 MB. *Data traffic chart is here.

f)      Select the number of application users. For the number of users, please refer here.

g)   Select the subscription period. 1, 6 and 12 are available.

h)   Select the start date of your subscription on the calender. *You don't need to select the end date.

5)   Click on [ Estimate ].

Check if contract period and payment method are correct, click on [ Next ].

One Time Price : The amount of the product to be purchased
Recurring Price : 1 month subscription
*One Time Price + Recurring Price × Months = Total Price

6)   Next, register the shipping address and payment method.

If you want to edit the shipping address, please click on the pencil icon.

7)   Select the shipping address.
If you need to add a new shipping address, please click on the [ + ] button.

8)   Confirm the credit card information.

Click on [ + ] icon and register your credit card.

For the available credit cards, please refer here.

9)   Click on [ Next ].

10)          Confirm the details on the order summary page.

11)          Please scroll and read end user's purchase agreement. Check the box if you accept the agreement.

12)          Please consent to all the notes and click on [ Order ].

13)          The sign in window will be displayed again, sign in with your account.

14)          When the credit card window shows up, input CVV code and clock on [ Save ].

15)          The order complete screen will be displayed.

a)     Order History
Clicking on Order History, you can check the history for orders received so far.

b)    Assign Member
If there are already members in the group, you can configure the purchased applications for existing members so that they can use them.

i)      Member Management

ii)    Application Management

16)          When you complete this successfully, some emails are supposed to be delivered to you like below.