Basic services

amnimo sense

One of our basic services. amnimo sense includes all necessary functions from acquisition of sensor data to operation.
Programming, line contracts, cloud setups and other such troublesome parts of connecting sensors are not needed at all.
amnimo monitors the status of security and operations 24/7.
You can use IIoT quickly at a reasonable cost just by using our service and measure anything you want with sensors, and then utilize that data to focus on generating insights and creating new business values.
For Innovators
Before IIoT can be put to use, a great deal of preparation is required. Security, access control, management and monitoring have to be set up before services can be configured. Today these preparations are inordinately costly in terms of both time and financial resources.
Measure Connect Utilize
amnimo sense, amnimo’s basic service, bundles all the features required for amnimo services, from acquisition of data from sensors to communications and operation, into an all-in-one package. No connection of sensors or other complicated work is necessary.
Safety Relief Trust
amnimo provides comprehensive monitoring of system operation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including security, devices and communications.
IIoT can now be put to use quickly and simply in a wide range of industries, at no cost to the customer in time or financial resources.

Service Applications in Development

factory series

pump guard

pump guard monitors the operation of pumps used in plant production processes and stops them when it detects abnormal operation, preventing equipment failure. pump guard can also send alerts to managers at remote locations. pump guard also records operational data on a constant basis. In the event that pump failure does happen, these data can assist in analyzing the cause of the failure.