Monitoring Electrical Leakage from Equipment (Ver.3.3)

This recipe will report the occurrence of electrical leakage by a warning email to prevent electric shock and fire accidents.

This recipe is ideal for problems such as:

Conventional monitoring of electrical leakage

When the insulator gets old, damaged, or wet, electricity leaks to metal parts and causes a short circuit. As it may cause electric shock and fire accidents, it was necessary to have staff undertake regular walk-around checks.

It is impossible to completely check equipment in every detail by only visual check


Three Simple Steps to Introduction

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STEP1 Purchase
STEP2 Installation
STEP3 Start

By introducing the Recipe for Monitoring Electrical Leakage from Equipment, it is possible to:


Eliminate the necessary of regular walk-around checks of equipment.



Monitor and detect electric leakage at all times.



Be notified by a warning email when electric leakage occurs.


Simplifies conventional walk-around checks and reduces the risks of causing electric shock and fire accidents.


Reduction in personnel expenses


Improved safety

amnimo sense Recipe for Monitoring Electrical Leakage from Equipment (Ver.3.3)

–Schematic Diagram–

  • Real-time visualization
  • Accident prevention
  • Cost reduction

amnimo sense can be installed to suit any equipment environment.Combine amnimo sense with commercially available parts for easy installation.


Data is sent from the sensor installed on grounding conductors and end-point devices.


LoRa arrow


Install sensors to grounding conductors.


LTE arrow


Record and store whether electric leakage occurs in a database.



Customers can see the occurrence of electrical leakage on their computers and smartphones.

  • Please note that amnimo does not guarantee correct operation of amnimo sense in your environment.
    Please configure and use amnimo sense under your own responsibility.
  • The recipes developed as of May 2019 use LoRa endpoint devices with analog input.
  • The recipe should be regarded strictly as a sample case only. amnimo does not guarantee that it will solve your business issues.
  • The devices listed are produced by various manufacturers and are subject to discontinuation by the manufacturers at any time. amnimo does not guarantee the availability of the models listed.
  • Amnimo accepts no responsibility for incorrect operation of the recipe as configured by the customer, except where caused by a service error of amnimo.
  • If the recipe fails to operate as configured using equipment selected by the customer, amnimo offers no guarantee against, and accepts no responsibility for, incorrect operation.
  • Amnimo accepts no responsibility for cases in which cost, including the equipment listed in the recipe and amnimo's services, is higher than the customer anticipated.
  • Inquiries regarding recipe customization are not accepted by Amnimo.

Endpoint device

  • picture1


  • picture1
You will need
  • One amnimo sense set(endpoint devices, gateway, communications, dashboard)

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Optional item
For 10 endpoint devices (measurement points)

  • Batteries (N alkali batteries) × 30(Or USB cable (Type C) × 1- + USB charging adapter × 10)
  • Wiring for connections × 40
    Recommended product
  • 5V AC adapter × 10
    Recommended product
  • Between standard 2.1mm DC jack and small screw terminal board × 10
    Recommended product
  • Monopole terminal board × 20
    Recommended product
  • Resistance of 100 Ohm × 10
    Recommended product
  • Earth leakage sensor × 10
    Recommended product
  • Endpoint storage case
    Recommended product
  • Cable glands
    Recommended product

iconThe amnimo sense set does not include sensors or parts. Please note that the companies that supply the sensors and parts used in this recipe cannot respond to inquiries regarding this recipe.

Procedure for using amnimo sense

Guide for procedures to implement recipes.

  1. You can subscribe amnimo sense after account registration.

  2. Gateways are activated first, followed by endpoint devices.


  3. Sensors, gateways and endpoint devices are wired up.


  4. Power is supplied to the endpoint devices to start up the system.


  5. Widget settings are established to display the data.


  6. For details please refer to the manual.

In addition this recipe can be used in the following environments.


HVAC repair

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment is often installed outdoors. When the insulation on this equipment becomes stripped by wind and rain, electric-shock accidents can occur. This recipe is expected to enable early sensing of current leakage.


Power stations

Solar generating stations have proliferated in recent years. These installations are often unmanned. This highly useful system detects current leakage in case of trouble.