We are

What is amnimo?

amnimo is a brand that calls all innovators —people who want to start something boldly new—
and accelerates their thinking, supporting them in achieving their goals.
amnimo sensors and devices without cumbersome system integration, enabling you to start
the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) services you want, quickly and at reasonable cost.
By furnishing this environment, amnimo accelerates and supports innovation worldwide.

amnimo: Introduction to Our Services

  • Measurement as a Service from amnimo

    amnimo provides a suite of basic services consisting of on-site measurement, cloud linkup and application of data. These services enable easy introduction of IoT without troublesome system integration.

  • amnimo provides Measurement as a Service to suit the respective needs of customers and partners.
    お客様 面倒なことはやらずにlloTを手軽に体験してみたい!

    Purchase services from amnimo’s e-commerce site and start using them immediately.


    Use amnimo’s IoT business platform and e-commerce (sales) platform to streamline new-
    business development, ensuring rapid launch.

Introduction to VAPs

・A value-added partner (VAP) is a co-creative partner who works with amnimo to approach the IIoT market directly.

・amnimo contributes to VAPs’ new-business development efforts as a provider of Measurement as a Service.